A Fresh New Way to Reach Your Audience

PutACodeOnIt for Engagement & Marketing

A mashup of a website builder, a database, and a QR Code creator.

PutACodeOnIt lifts your message off the page and brings it to life on their Smartphone or Tablet.

PutACodeOnIt is a mobile-optimized solution that has a unique way of connecting visitors, prospects, students, ANYONE to your content.

Designed for Smartphones and Tablets, PutACodeOnIt invites people to click your Scancodes (QR Codes), then launches them directly into your interactive presentation.  It's perfect for Museums, Trade shows, Tourist Attractions, Classrooms, Business Cards, Art Galleries, Auto Shows, Homes Tours, Realtors, Actors and Bands, Support and Service Providers ... The list is endless.

PutACodeOnIt automatically creates Scancodes and URL links for every page/item, instantly connecting people with your content. It saves you time AND organizes how you present your information.

Easy-to-use and packed with features, PutACodeOnIt uses your Images, Videos, Slideshows, Audio, Social Media, Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Auto-respond emails, and more, to reach out to people in powerful and meaningful ways.

Visitor Engagement

Engage your guests and visitors with videos, images, music, maps, and additional information.  Guests use their Smartphones to access your content.  It's fast, easy, and convenient!

Museums: Add depth to any exhibit and enhance any display.  Use video, audio, images and extended information to connect with patrons in multiple ways.

Arboretums:  Instantly answer “What’s that Flower?” questions.  Provide “Find the flower, plant, or leaf” games to entertain and teach children. 

Tourism:  Go way beyond plaques and display boards.  Add Video, Narration, and depth to your historical markers.  Perfect for historical societies!

Aquariums & Zoos: Add depth and fun to every habitat.  Amp up your Field Trip game and provide group-based and individual learning opportunities.

Actors & Models

Get noticed & Get More Work with PutACodeOnIt, the creative way to connect with casting agents and fans alike.  Place different PutACodeOnIt Scancodes on shirts, signs, Comp cards ... Anywhere!  Instantly showcase your demo reel, profile info and more!

Marketing and Advertising

Bring print media to life by lifting your Ad off the page and getting it into their smartphone.  PutACodeOnIt treats your prospects to Video, Audio, Images, Links, Maps, and more!  All the things you simply can't do with a printed ad!  

You even get opt-in pages, automated email responders, 1-click "Call me", and MUCH more.

  • Organize and group your products into categories 
  • Unique QR Codes for EACH PRODUCT provide direct 1-click access

Trade shows

Stop wasting money on printed brochures, only to have them tossed into the trash bin before the attendee goes home.  

Add PutACodeOnIt Scancodes to your banners & signage. PutACodeOnIt gathers prospects contact info, then AUTOMATICALLY sends follow-up info!  You get the contact info in a .CSV and your prospects get your brochure & product info via email.

Teaching and Education

Turn your lessons into interactive Smartphone and Tablet-friendly activities.  Students live for their Smartphones and they love technology.  Now you can give them what they want AND integrate technology in smart and useful ways! 

It's Student Engagement at it's very best.  With PutACodeOnIt you can use graphics, videos, audio, links, and any media that you've already created, to build interactive learning opportunities. 

Built with flexibility and creativity in mind, you can use PutACodeOnIt to enhance your lessons the way YOU want to!

Business Cards

You can do SO. MUCH. MORE. with your business card.  Add a PutACodeOnIt Scancode, then tell your prospect that "This card is the direct link to everything they need to know about you and your company".  Give it a Try!

Now, you capture their attention by instantly transporting them to a couple pictures of you (and your family, hobbies, etc.) AND your Company and Products.  PutACodeOnIt is the most powerful and comprehensive, "About Me" tool you'll ever need!

PutACodeOnIt = Great Personal Branding
PutACodeOnIt is Great for Actors
PutACodeOnIt is Great for Job Seekers!
Add PutACodeOnIt to your Business Card
Make a Great Impression!
Grow Your Business with PutACodeOnIt
Manage Your On-line Profile!

Pure Web.  NO App to Install.

Better than an App, there's nothing to download with PutACodeOnIt.  This makes it easier, faster, and more secure for end users.  They simply scan the QR Code and are instantly immersed into your world.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

There's a smart new paradigm out there.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  If you've been providing hardware for your guests; like Museums, Schools, Arboretums, etc. often do, this is a great alternative. When users are allowed to use their own mobile device, they feel more secure and comfortable.  You can implement PutACodeOnIt without the expense and hassles of providing the hardware!

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