Arboretums become Digital Gardens!

What’s this flower?  What’s that plant called?  Mom, I’m bored!

PutACodeOnIt makes trips to your arboretum a whole lot of fun!

Of course, you can add Scancodes in the flower beds that instantly connect your patrons to all sorts of great information about the flowers and plants, but more importantly, you can also present them with interesting videos about how the designs of each garden.

Introduce your gardeners, tell people about the methods used to conserve water and maintain the natural wildlife.

We know that you’ve got lots of media and information already prepared on your website and in other places, PutACodeOnIt is designed to let you present that information directly to their smartphone.

Looking for ways to keep your kids occupied … buy still somewhat engaged with activities at the arboretum? No problem!!

Here are some Great Ideas:
• Create a Nature Detective Game:
• Story Hour -digital version

Go Digital with PutACodeOnIt

Make your Arboretum more helpful!
Add instant information
PutACodeOnIt provides instant information
Patrons love PutACodeOnIt
Teaching and Learning is easy
Make your gardens digital!
PutACodeOnIt is a great tool