Brochures can only do so much ...

Brochures are a staple of every business. Salespeople hand them to prospects hoping to catch the readers’ attention, but honestly, they lack impact.

And here’s a harsh truth that drives experienced Sales Managers crazy ...  Attendees at conferences take the brochures, then +80% of them dump the paper into the wastebasket at the end of the day. 

PutACodeOnIt changes the entire dynamic by adding a digital dimension to any printed document.

It boosts your message by enabling it to leap off the page and into your prospects smartphones. By instantly delivering specific, customized content directly to your prospect you’ll actively engage them on multiple levels.

Prospects go from passively glancing at a piece of paper to watching testimonials, explainer videos, and reading more in-depth articles about your products. Plus, it’s all on their phone(or emailed to their laptop) where they can retrieve it again and again, or share it, with colleagues.

With PutACodeOnIt, you capture and keep their attention! You'll have them watching your videos, learning more, filling out requests for more info and pressing that Click-to-Call button!

PutACodeOnIt Scancodes are perfect in today's “I-want-it-now” info-savvy world.

Digital Brochures finally make sense thanks to PutACodeOnIt. You can interact with your prospects, ask them questions, gather information, and respond to emails that respond to their specific needs and interests.