Get Hired Faster with a Cyber-Folio!

Cyber-Folios turn your resume into a 21st Century Personal Marketing tool.  A great resume is a good start.  AND EVERYONE KNOWS THIS.  The problem with a traditional resume is that It's one-dimensional.  It's just words on a page. 


PutACodeOnIt Cyber-Folios help you stand out without being obnoxious. 

So, how do you make a great impression that sets you apart from all the other candidates?  Use Cyber-Folios from PutACodeOnIt!

PutACodeOnIt improves your Resume

Invite HR managers and potential employers to see you in a more impressive way!  PutACodeOnIt let’s you add the depth and detail that simply never comes out with a paper resume.  Add Videos, Images, Testimonials, Writing Samples, literally anything that will truly showcase your work and your skills!


Cyber-Folios improve your Hiring Potential by getting YOU noticed (In a Good way!)


Improve your Resume by adding the PutACodeOnIt codes, and short URL to add depth and Impact:


  • Videos
  • Images
  • Work Samples
  • Testimonials & References
  • Add ANYTHING that will showcase your skills, talents and experience



PutACodeOnIt brings your resume to life.  And most importantly, HR Directors and Hiring Managers will have YOUR information in the palm of their hands.  They can quickly revisit your information, forward it along to others, and YOU benefit from the more personal interaction.  With 1 click, they can even instantly call you to schedule the interview!