Bring Your Exhibits to Life with PutACodeOnIt

Every exhibit can tell a bigger story. Let PutACodeOnIt be your Digital Docent!

Take advantage of the interactive media powerhouse in your patrons’ hands. Leverage your patron's smartphones to deliver a rich interactive experience.

PutACodeOnIt adds depth to any exhibit. You can connect with your patrons in multiple ways. Add backstory, pictures, history of the discovery or restoration, even provide content targeted to different age levels. It’s a great tool to add fascinating new dimensions to your museum.

That painting hanging on the wall might have been all you needed to engage patrons in some distant past. Today's museum visitor is much more curious. PutACodeOnIt provides an organized, interactive and unified presentation about each display. Our Scancode technology is the perfect mobile website solution for museums.

Showcase the Artist, their techniques, show videos, pictures, play audio, link to other displays or exhibits ... the possibilities are endless. When you need a museum App for visitor engagement, look to PutACodeOnIt to bring a whole new dimension to your exhibits!

One of the GREAT things about PutACodeOnIt is that it runs on SmartPhones and Tablets - with NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD.

That means your patrons can use their own phones, saving you thousands of dollars on equipment and maintenance!