Get More Attention! Actors, Bands, DJs & Entertainers

We understand. You need to connect with MORE Casting directors, Photographers and Producers: PutACodeOnIt is a creative, positive way to get noticed. It’s also the best way to manage and optimize your personal brand.

Add a PutACodeOnIt Scancode to your Comp-cards, Headshots, T-shirts, Bulletin boards, Roadsigns, Project them on the side of a building, Put them anywhere you can! (OK, please don’t go too crazy! We’re cool with you being creative, please don’t be rude or litter!)

When they scan your code, you’ve got them hooked with videos, more pictures, slideshows, your bio, social media, and so much more! PLUS, you’re now “in their Phone” – they can look you up instantly, share your info with colleagues – and YOU curate all your details – they only have access to the info YOU (and your agent) want them to see! PutACodeOnIt is designed to help you cultivate your personal branding. You tell your own story, then let your audience travel on to your social media and other messaging.

All your social media is great … it is. BUT, you probably use multiple platforms at the same time. PutACodeOnIt connects all your Social Media into one easy-to-access place.

PLUS, you can greet fans with a Landing page to ensure they get a personal greeting from you, before launching into your worlds of social media!

Agents: You can license PutACodeOnIt for each of your clients and then manage/curate the content as you wish.

Individuals: MySocialNexus is a personalized version of PutACodeOnIt designed for your personalized use. Check it out!

All About Personal Branding with PutACodeOnIt

Personal branding, self-positioning, and all individual branding by whatever the name, was first introduced way back in 1937 in the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. (Cool history lesson, eh?)

PutACodeOnIt manages your own personal branding and group & organizational branding.  Whether it's just you, or the troupe, band, retinue, or [Insert the word for your group that I haven't thought of here ... ], PutACodeOnIt is a great way to advertise your activities and connect with your fans.

Perfect for Every Entertainer!

Make a Great Impression!
Perfect for Actors!
Impress Casting Agents!
Connect with your fans!
Perfect for Bands!
DJ's where's your next Gig?
Show off your Skills and Beats!
Build new audiences!
PutACodeOnIt - Get Famous!
Celebrities - use PutACodeOnIt!
PutACodeOnIt means more Fans!

Scan Me!

PutACodeOnIT for Actors!


  • Headshots
  • Demo Reels
  • Link to your IMDB Profile
  • Link to your Social Media
  • YouTube, Vimeo, and other videos
  • images and slideshows
  • Audio tracks
  • Add signups to your mailing lists
  • Maps to your gigs
  • Lots more!!!

PutACodeOnIt helps you do what Entrepreneur Magazines personal branding recommendations!

Here's a great article from Entrepreneur magazine about personal branding.

and MySocialNexus are perfect solutions for #4!

Click on the link to learn more about Elevating your personal brand!

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PutACodeOnIt makes it easy to implement TED Talks personal branding recommendations.

Pulling from personal experience as a professor at the IU Kelley School of Business as well as her time working with Coach Bob Knight, Ann Bastianelli explains that marketing principles of big brand companies are applicable to building one’s personal brand.

Watch the TED Talk Here.
PutACodeOnIt streamlines the implementation of Forbes magazine personal branding recommendations.

Whether you know it or not, you already have a personal brand!   PutACodeOnIt and MySocialNexus provide you with the tools to actively cultivate and guide your online brand.  In fact, they are specifically designed to address the personal branding recommendations identified in this Forbes article.

Click here to learn more.