The Age of Digital Brochures is Here

Brochures are a staple of many businesses.  You hand them to prospects hoping to catch the readers’ attention.  The challenge: people prefer a more interactive medium. 

With PutACodeOnIt your message leaps off the printed page, providing impact AND the “always with them” availability that brochures can't.

PutACodeOnIt lifts your message off the page and brings it to life on their Smartphone.

Here’s a harsh truth that drives experienced Sales Managers and Marketing professionals bonkers: Conference attendees often politely accept your brochures ... yet >70% of them dump the paper into the wastebasket before they head home. It feels like you're connecting with prospects but the reality is that you're wasting money.

Change this entire dynamic with PutACodeOnIt by adding a digital dimension to your printed documents.

Boost your message and instantly deliver specific, customized content. With PutACodeOnIt you’ll actively engage prospects on multiple levels.

Prospects go from passively glancing at a sheet of paper to viewing testimonials, explainer videos, and reading more in-depth articles about your products.  Plus, your message is on their phone, they can review it again and again, share it with a colleague, or use the “Click-to-call”.  

PutACodeOnIt includes opt-in tools, automated email response, and many other features! Truly, it’s a Sales and Marketing Powerhouse!

Increase your “Send me more info” requests by with Prizes and Giveaways!

PutACodeOnIt Scancodes (QR Codes) are perfect in today's “I-want-it-now” info-savvy world.

Digital Brochures finally make sense thanks to PutACodeOnIt.  Customer engagement is a snap. You'll interact with your prospects, gather information and respond to their inquiries faster than ever before!