Your Business Card can do SO. MUCH. MORE!

Bring your business card to life - and let it become the marketing tool that builds a connection between you and your clients.  Let it do more than just sit in someone's drawer or Rolodex. PutACodeOnIt lets your deliver a POWERFUL message, PLUS, it gets your contact info AND products onto their phone!

Add the PutACodeOnIt Scancode(s) to your business card to fully introduce yourself and your services. When they scan the code, you’ll showcase your expertise, subject knowledge, and help them instantly understand why you’re the best person to help them with their needs.

You can have pages about your company, products, and highlight anything you want with videos, pictures, questionnaires, maps, and more!

When it comes to personal branding and making a GREAT impression, PutACodeOnIt is the innovative solution that sets you above the rest.

Companies can use PutACodeOnIt for their entire organization, providing a unified message and a professional image to your clients and prospects. Each employee can have their own unique landing page, while your product and services remain standardized and uniform.

Individuals, take a look at MySocialNexus for your own personalized version of the PutACodeOnIt technology optimized for specifically for you.

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