PutACodeOnIt in the Classroom
QR Codes in the Classroom
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The Return of QR Codes!

QR Codes have made a HUGE comeback and are here to stay! 

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Jan. 9, 2018

PutACodeOnIt ushers a new era for QR codes

Educators LOVE PutACodeOnIt!

Smartphones in the classroom. That’s a topic that’ll rile up more than a few! Perhaps PutACodeOnIt can help teachers bridge the divide between students wasting time on the darn things and using smartphones to augment the educational experience.

By integrating PutACodeOnIt into lesson plans, you can cleverly redirect smartphone usage from personal time-wasting to classroom tasks. (or tablets of any kind, too! We don’t require a smartphone – this is just an example scenario!)

Here’s an example:
As part of your lesson, display a PutACodeOnIt Scancode on your Smartboard or projector. It links them to 2 or 3 links – and they can choose 1, read/review the info and then respond in class about what they just learned. There are lots of things you can do – PutACodeOnIt becomes a great tool for making lesson plans more interactive – and it uses the tools that students are happy to use.

We’d love to hear about your ideas – and if you send us examples, we’ll figure out how to share them with your fellow teachers to help you build and expand your resources!

Teachers, Get PutACodeOnIt for Free! 

Send us your ideas for using PutACodeOnIt in your Classroom.  The 1st 20 Teachers (please use your school email address) to provide innovative and fun ideas will get the SUPER-DELUXE version of PutACodeOnIt with all the bells and whistles for FREE!

Here are the caveats/rules and crazy grumpy restrictions: 

  • You START with the basic version and when you're ready, we get to review what you've done. 
  • We'll even assist and provide ideas!
  • Tell us what's next for your PutACodeOnIt, and we'll unlock a couple more sections
  • Again, we'll help!
  • Send us some pics and video of your students using PutACodeOnIt!
  • Boom!  You've done an amazing job!  We're taking you all the way and unlocking all the features

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