Digital Modeling Portfolios & Comp Cards

Launching a modeling career is challenging endeavor.


PutACodeOnIt helps you get ahead by adding professional personal branding to your Digital Modeling Portfolio.

PutACodeOnIt pushes you to the lead by adding depth and dimension to your Modeling Portfolio. Insert a PutACodeOnIt Scancode into your Headshots and Comp cards to entice casting directors and modeling agents to look at your entire profile in more depth.

With PutACodeOnIt you can add Video, images, slideshows, and links to other online portfolios – anything that will help convince them that YOU are the person they need for their next project!


PutACodeOnIt lets you showcase:


  • Headshots
  • Live modeling
  • Fashion modeling
  • Commercial print modeling
  • Body part modeling
  • Acting & Voice talent
  • Motion and body movement modeling
  • … and more!


Add a PutACodeOnIt Scancode to your Headshots and Comp cards (Sed card) to draw more attention to You.

With PutACodeOnIt, your images and profile leap from the printed page and into their smartphone. They can return any time to show others, refer your info to colleagues, or simply press “Call me” to instantly connect to your agent.

Agents: You can license PutACodeOnIt for each of your clients and then manage/curate the content as you wish.

Individuals: MySocialNexus is a personalized version of PutACodeOnIt designed for your personalized use. Check it out!

Propel your Modeling Career!

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