Print Advertising

It takes a while for big things to happen in printed media. Johannes Gutenberg did some great things; then there was Desktop Publishing, and Adobe Photoshop made that a little fancier, but not a lot has changed since …

Now we have PutACodeOnIt, and it lifts your message off the page and brings it to life in the palm of their hand. That’s pretty great!

It was tried before. About ten years ago QR Codes were added to print ads, and they didn’t cause the revolution that some thought they would. (Click here to learn why.)

PutACodeOnIt REALLY changes things, and it’s time that you integrate your print advertising with interactive Smartphone marketing.

PutACodeOnIt instantly delivers specific, customized content directly, and easily, to your targeted audience.

Plus, PutACodeOnIt is a mobile web solution, so there’s NOTHING to install. That’s huge.

Why? First: It’s fast, so there’s no APP to download and no bothering with constant updates either. No hassle, no drama, no delay. Second: Security. Nobody has to worry about malware and other App-related hijinks.

PutACodeOnIt provides a landing page, curated images and videos, and as many sub-pages as you need to promote your products and services. Each sub-page is managed as a database and has its’ own unique Scancode. This means you can plaster Scancodes for each of your products anywhere you want. People instantly see the info when they scan your code. PutACodeOnIt can then navigate them to your main landing page or your other products and services.