PutACodeOnIt lets you add interactivity, videos, and more to your printed media.

Your Ad will leap from the page and onto their Smartphone!

Mobile Marketing and Advertising Leaps Off the Page and onto their Smartphone with PutACodeOnIt!

It takes a while for big things to happen in printed media.  Johannes Gutenberg did some great things in 1439; In the late 80's there was Xerox Ventura and the advent of Desktop Publishing, later Adobe Pagemaker and Photoshop added some bells and whistles ... but to be honest, not much has changed since …

PutACodeOnIt, is the BIG NEW THING that revolutionizes print media.  With its' QR Codes, interactive media and ease of use, PutAcodeOnIt lifts your message off the page and brings it to life in the palm of the viewers hand.

Print Ads, Signage, Car signs, Store Windows, T-shirts, Shopping bags, Billboards, you name it!  PutACodeOnIt breathes life into your marketing and connects you with new clients.

Mobile Marketing is easy with PutAcodeOnItBring print media to life!  PutACodeOnIt changes everything by delivering specific, customized content directly to your targeted audience.

You'll get a landing page, curated images and videos, and as many sub-pages and widgets as you need to promote your products and services.   Each sub-page is managed as a database and has its’ own unique Scancode (QR Code/URL). This means you can plaster Scancodes for each of your products anywhere you want. 

Draw people into your world with a simple scan scan of your code!