Get to the Point for Home Buyers with PutACodeOnIt

Here's what happens, they drive by, they kinda like the house, they hop out of the car, they grab the sell sheet, then, if interested, they might type in that zillion character long URL and learn all the details.  Or, maybe they'll download the Zillow App, Register an account, Look up the address ...

Ugh.   Really? 

PutACodeOnIT is Perfect for RealtorsTry this instead:  They drive by, they kinda like the house, they stick their phone out the window and scan the QR Code hanging down from the lawn sign.

Instantly:    The House Info Pops up
Instantly:    More Pictures appear
Instantly:    More details are available
Instantly:    They can click a button or link to your Zillow (or other MLS - ANY website)
Instantly:   Click-to-Call YOU!

It's all about convenience to the buyer, and that's what PutACodeOnIt provides to you, the Realtor!

PutACodeOnIt Delivers QR Code Marketing to Realtors.  It's the mobile marketing technology that makes you a superstar.