Grow Your Business with PutACodeOnIt

Just about any business can leverage the innovations in PutACodeOnIt to grow their company.  Read below to get some creative ideas!

It's like being there in person, when you can't be ...

Build your business with PutACodeOnItStart with the great Landing Page.  Clients scan your QR Code and Viola! are instantly carried to your main page. 

Now, they simply click to view more information about your Products and Services, or watch Testimonials ...


They can scan other QR Codes you've placed on your products - and PutACodeOnIt takes them directly to specific mobile-optimized pages for that specific product!  Whether you create a mobile catalogue of one product or a thousand, you now have a simple, fast and effective way to engage with your customers when you can't be there in person.

Photographers can offer PutACodeOnIt as a Service to their Business Clients!

Be sure to add PutACodeOnIt to your clients photo and media. You can add this as a service to increase your long-term clients and repeat business!

Add a PutACodeOnIt Scancodes to your clients Headshots and Comp cards to help them draw more attention.

Help your clients showcase your work:

  • Headshots
  • Beauty shots
  • Fashion shots
  • Swimsuit shots
  • Editorial shots (Story-based photo shoots)

With PutACodeOnIt, your images and profile leap from the printed page and into the smartphones of talent scouts and modeling agencies.

This is a GREAT add-on service - that YOU can manage, or turn over to your client to manage - you decide!

It's a great add-on!

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