Make Smartphones welcome at the Zoo!

Zoo animals spark a light in kids eyes … and then their smartphones draw their attention away.

PutACodeOnIt cleverly redirects that attention back to your animals with fun facts, videos, and activities. 

(Watch for this animal behavior, can you spot the young ones? Who looks the oldest? Are they playing?)

Your staff will have lots of ideas to educate visitors of ALL ages!

PutACodeOnIt leverages the technology in their hands and redirects attention back to your exhibits and animals. Use videos, images, and audio, to tell stories and trigger fascination with the animals.

When it comes to creative ways to engage your visitors, PutACodeOnIt is one of the most advanced tools available.

One of the GREAT things about PutACodeOnIt is that it runs on Smartphones and Tablets - with NO APP TO DOWNLOAD.  That means more security, and no support hassles.  You can use media and resources that you’ve already created and re-purpose it in fresh and engaging ways.

Engage kids at the Zoo!

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Make Smartphones useful at the Zoo!
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